At MIRAI, we believe that teaching using traditional classrooms are no longer effective. Teachers must develop and use new teaching strategies that are radically different from those employed in the traditional classrooms. The modern day classroom should be centered on students and teachers should take the role of facilitators and guides instead of being mere providers of knowledge. They must ensure that they engage their students in learning and provide effective instructions using a variety of instructional methods and following different pedagogical approaches aided with technology. They should be active participants in their own learning and must seek out professional development to improve their performance and their students’ learning.

We devised our classroom focusing on following points-

Student-centric: Students play an active role in their learning and teachers serve as mere guides. They are more facilitators of learning than lecturers. They help students think critically and learn by doing and act as a resource while their students discover and master new concepts. 

Computing devices: Computers are readily available in our classrooms, since they are essential tools for 21st century students. They not only give students the means to conduct online research and master the technology skills they need, but they also give teachers the opportunity to enhance their lessons. 

Invitational environment: Our classrooms are not cramped or overcrowded. Classrooms have the basic material required for teaching such as, interactive whiteboards and LCD projectors. We believe that teaching with technological material is more effective, stimulates student engagement, eases the work of teachers and makes it easy for students to focus on learning.

Performance-based assessments: Regular performance-based assessments are carried out by our teachers through various methods which are not restricted to tests. These are done by conducting quizzes and polls. Teachers also utilize projects as well as other products and performances as assessments to determine student achievements and needs. Assessments are tailored to the abilities and need of the students.

Use of Native Speakers: At Mirai we believe that language should be learned with Native Speakers. We have recruited Japanese Teachers from Japan to fulfill this need. Also our local teachers have studied and lived in Japan for many years. We strongly encourage our faculty to provide wide range of knowledge about Japan to our students. 


Classroom 3 All classrooms are clean, well furnished and are equipped with Audio Visuals to facilitate quick learning.

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