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Grand Job Seminar to Nepalese Students in Tokyo

Job Seminar for Nepalese Students

Japan reported 1.59 jobs for every job applicant. Japanese companies are facing severe labor shortage than ever. But we encounter many Nepalese students who are facing difficulties in finding a job after graduation from university or vocational school. Mirai Human Resource Development, a company under Mirai Academy KK, Tokyo has now partnered with many recruitment agencies in order to prepare, train and provide jobs to Nepalese Students.

At Mirai, we believe that Nepalese students already have what it requires to do a job. The only thing that they lack in better preparation and a reach to potential employer. 

Join Job seminar organized by Mirai and get a job even before you graduate.

Theme: Getting Jobs successfully in Japan for Nepalese Students

Professionals from various companies will talk about how to do get a job in Japan as Nepalese. We will also announce various jobs that you can apply right away. There will be no interview on Spot.

Target Students: 

1. 1st or Second Year Student in Senmon Gakko.

2. Passed Bachelor Degree in Nepal and now in Language School

3. Third or Fourth Year student in University

4. Student who are in Tokutei Katsudou Visa

5. Nepalese who are already in working visa and are thinking of changing the job.

What to Bring:

1. Resume along with subjects that you studied and list of part time done so far.

2. Notebook and a pen


1. Formal. if you do not have suit please come in Y-shirt.

Capacity: 50 Students

Reservation: Through Facebook



東京都中央区八丁堀4-9-13 ニチレックビル3/8F