Interview Series- Gaurav Thapa, Advisor of Mirai Academy KK, Tokyo

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Gaurav did SLC and ISC from Sainik Awasaiya Mahavidhalaya, Bhaktapur. Then he joined Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan to do bachelors in International Management. After graduation, he worked as financial Analyst, Business planner and Marketing in various global companies ranging from telecommunications, semiconductors and Premium and Super sports cars. He holds extensive knowledge on education system in japan, immigration processes as well as job market for international students after graduation. We took some of his time in Tokyo office to talk about study in Japan and career prospects after graduation.

Please tell us how you came to Japan?

I came to Japan 14 years ago. At that time Japan was less know for education. Of course their colleges and universities are top class. You can say that from the number of awards such as Nobel Peace Prize that they win every year. Only the issue was that in Japan you needed Japanese language to start with. Like many students I wanted to go to US, Australia but Japan gave me generous scholarships that any other countries. So I choose Japan.

How do you compare yourself with other friends of yours who went to US, Australia and U.K?

In the beginning when I choose Japan but not US or UK, people thought I was crazy. I even had a doubt if I made a correct decision. Now,14 years later, I can proudly say that I am able to accomplish things that my friends in other countries are struggling with. Japan provided me so much opportunities in terms of jobs, experience and money. It is not simply possible in other countries for an average student like me.

Japan is ranked as second for abroad study among Nepalese students. Why is it so?

This is because Japan is providing visa to students more easily than other countries. Of course many Nepalese people misused this process and now they are rejecting many students. Japan wants to make sure that only genuine students come to Japan. Of course it is a very difficult task. So many times fake students get visa while many genuine students get rejected.

What is the condition of Nepalese students who are in Japan?

To be honest, it is not very good. This is because many consultancies of Nepal are sending students without enough preparation. Also many students are sent to schools that are not in cities. Nepalese students need income to support their tuition and living. If you are sent to schools which are not located to cities, your learning will be slow, your knowledge about japan will be limited and also you will be weak financially.  Another issue is consultancies in Nepal do not know much about Japan.

Why do you think consultancies are not able to provide correct information to the students?

Because japan is a closed country with Japanese as a medium of communication. In order to understand the country and know the process, you need to be a part of Japanese society. You need to study, live and must work in Japan before you provide information to students. In Nepal we see many consultants who never been in Japan or do not have enough experience in japan. They are are selling students for commission. How can you guide students to a path of success if you are not successful yourself?

How is Mirai Academy trying to solve these issues?

Mirai Academy is a Japanese company specialized in recruiting students for Japanese schools and universities. We work closely with schools and universities in Japan. We visit the schools, see their facilities, talk to the current students and teachers and see if our students can be successful after studying there. We have a policy that student comes first. There is no compromise when it comes to future of the students. This is why we have experience consultants in Nepal who studied and worked in Japan. We have a japan team to help students once they are in Japan. Also we teach Japanese language to our student from our teacher who actually studied language in Japan for more than 5 years.

Do you have any suggestion to the students who are thinking of abroad study?

I ask students to do some research and choose a consultancy that provides true information. I know it's difficult but you need to talk to many consultants. If you prepare your documents with someone who is not professional you will risk of being rejected. So you need to be very careful. Mirai has a different approach than any body else. We do not apply unless we are sure about your visa. We will prepare you. It will take time but it will also increase your chances of being successful. 

Gaurav thapa