Interview Series- Muto Chiemi, CEO of Mirai Academy

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Muto Chiemi was born in Ibaraki Prefecture of Japan. After graduation, Chiemi started her career as Physical Therapist. She also took certification on Nutritionalist and worked on fitness field  for a long time. Chiemi is now running a company that provides Yoga to the Office Employees. Chiemi has trained well renowned athletes, professional base ball players as well as celebrities. She has been featured in many magazines as well as in TV shows.

Chiemi has soft heart for Nepal and Nepalese people. In order to skill up Nepalese people who are willing to come to Japan for study or for work, she started a Language School in Nepal under Mirai Academy. We met her in our Tokyo office and asked her few questions regarding Mirai Academy.

1. Why did you decide to open school in Nepal rather than in other countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, India?

I first came in contact with Nepal while i was practicing Yoga. Later I got chance to meet and work with a lot of Nepalese people in Tokyo. I found Nepalese people very positive, hard working as well as helpful. They can also easily adapt to Japanese society. Like Japanese, Nepalese too think about other people and always try to make others happy. Despite all of these positive things, there are many problems as well. I see the source of this problem as their Japanese Language Ability. Many come to Japan without knowing what to expect and what not to. So, i decided to help Nepalese people by opening a school in Kathmandu.

2. What kind of Vision do you have on Mirai Academy?

Our vision is to become a bridge between Japan and Nepal. We will try to facilitate a lot of exchanges between Japan and Nepal so that both of the countries can benefit mutually.

3. Can you elaborate of how can you create Mutual Benefits between these countries?

Let me talk about the issues of Nepal and Japan. Nepal lacks job market despite having a lot of skilled young people. Also Nepal lacks knowhow not only on advanced Technology but on simple things like how to work effectively and efficiently, how to turn an opportunity into business and how to think in a planned way. In Japan, we have all of the things like technology, business mindset, jobs but what we lack is the labor force due to decline in birthrate. If we could train Nepalese and bring them to Japan, they can learn a lot of skills and also can earn money that can pull them out from poverty. Once these skill workers return to Nepal, they will also help in modernization of Nepal.

4. What is difference between Mirai Academy and other Japanese Language Schools in KTM?

In Mirai we have created an effective learning environment for learning Japanese. We have native Japanese speakers. Our local teachers have studied and worked in Japan for many years. We use modern technology to teach language. We have also partnered with online lesson providers so that student can learn Japanese whenever and wherever they want. Not only this, we are teaching them Japanese culture, values of Japanese Society so that they can understand more about Japan. We too have advisors who work in various companies in Tokyo. Our Students will have access to them as well.

5. What are the Main Functions of Mirai Academy?

Mirai Academy will try to create a pool of students who have certain degree of Fluency in Japanese. Then we will place them into various schools and universities of Japan in Scholarships. We will also bring Japanese Companies to Nepal in order to recruit students with Japanese Fluency.

6. Do you have any Message to Nepalese Students who wants to come to Japan?

Japan has a lot of opportunities for Nepalese people. But in order to grab the opportunity and to make your dream come true, you need to focus on your Japanese language for few months. Do not hurry and make mistake. Always listen to professionals who studied and worked in Japan. Good Luck for your Future.

Gaurav thapa