Mirai Acacemy accepts 4 years Bachelors Students majoring in IT


Nepalese IT Engineers, we have found a domain where your skills will be highly appreciated.Live your life the way you always dreamed about.

Mirai is a sister company of Mirai Academy KK, Tokyo. CEO of Mirai Academy in Chiemi Muto, a Japanese National. With a team in Nepal- members studied and worked in Japan and a team in Tokyo- Nepalese and Japanese, Mirai is working on how to create a win-win situation for Nepal and Japan. Nepal has great human resource which is looking for an opportunity to work. Japan has many big global companies but is lacking people who could speak Japanese and English. Mirai is working to fix this mismatch by skilling up Nepalese engineers to have bilingual fluency. Teaming up with Japanese Language Schools, HR Companies, Semi-Gov. Japanese Organizations and IT  Companies in Japan, Mirai has finally made a breakthrough to secure future of IT engineers from NEPAL.

Gaurav thapa