Admission Open (Let's go to Japan for Study)

To all plus two students waiting for their result

Exams are over now. What is next. For the students who want to be a doctor or engineer, you have already enrolled yourself to preparation course. For the students who are good in English, you have already working hard on your IELTS and TOEFL. But for the students who still are not sure  on what to do, visit us. Mirai has a way for success. Do not worry what your results will be, we will give you one more opportunity to be successful in life. We welcome you to JAPAN.

Why Choose Mirai?


Mirai is a Best please to learn Japanese Language because-

1. Mirai academy has the best facilities to learn Japanese language.

2. We have the best teachers who studied in Japan for many years

3. Our online program will help you in reading listening and also speaking Japanese Language.

4. Mirai has its own textbooks to speed up the learning.

mirai academy

Choose Mirai for Best schools to go after learning Japanese because

1. Mirai has many schools in Tokyo area. Tokyo will provide you many opportunities for learning and working.

2. Mirai is run by a Japanese and is a registered company in Japan. You will get a lot of help before and after going to japan.

3. Mirai works hard with Japanese schools and immigration of Japan directly in order to increase your visa rate. 


Choose Mirai to get Jobs before and after graduation because

 1. Mirai japan has partnered with a lot of companies to provide you part time job during your study and a full time job after graduation.

2.Mirai helps you changing student visa to working visa.

3.Mirai Japan will provide you job hunting seminars and guidances for free to student who come to japan via Mirai.

At Mirai we take care not only of visa but also your career after graduation. Right now Mirai is holding many seminars to students who are already in japan and help them to find full time jobs.




Gaurav thapa