Multimedia Room

Equipped with latest computers and ultra fast Internet. Learn about Japan and Japanese Language Online.


Desktops and Laptops in our Multi Media Room is connected with ultra-fast internet. Our students can use these facility in order to learn Japanese Language Online, research about Japan and its culture. They can also use these to do research on colleges and universities that they would like to study in Japan.

In order to make their research easy, all our PCs are preloaded with databases, websites and online tutorials. Students can login to the system and in no time all information is into their hand.




Mirai Academy believes in 360 approach to study. This is the reason why we have also providing free Movies, Documentaries and Animations to our students in our Multi Media Room. Students can freely use this facility to enhance their knowledge on Japan as well as skill up their Japanese language ability,


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Multimedia Room Extensive use of technology to speed up learning and to keep upto date with lastest information.

Students Filling up the college forms in Multi Media Room

Students Filling up the college forms in Multi Media Room