Be Bilingual

Learn Japanese.Work Global.

Many students do not understand why they should learn Japanese. This is because they still do not understand world economics and world labor market.

We can always say we need to learn Japanese because Japan is the third largest economy and Japanese language is still popular. But we like to explain why Nepalese should learn Japanese.


Nepal produces a lot of university graduates who could not be employed in Nepal due to lack of job opportunities. English ability of these graduates ranges from conversational level to the full business Level. There are very few people with English Fluency of Native level. If these students go to US, Australia, UK, most of them will not be able to compete with local people or immigrants from other English speaking countries. In such situation, the prospects of landing in a job that is of a white collar level is very low. Now, let us look at the situation in Japan. Japanese people hardly speak English. Their industries are global and they are suffering from decline in population. Many European people do prefer to work in Japan because of Japanese language. If a Nepalese come to Japan, his level of English is already above the Japanese standard. Learning Japanese will classify Nepalese as bilingual human resource which is regarded very highly by Japanese labor market. A demand for English and Japanese fluency, shortage of labor force and a big global economy makes Japan a perfect field for Nepalese to succeed.